The Doppelgangaz / Press

“You guys have been pretty quiet recently. What’s been going on? EP: Basically we’ve just been getting everything together. Since our first release, we started our company Groggy Pack Entertainment and we’re just trying to get a couple business things together on our side and move from a different perspective as opposed to just putting music out and expecting it to grow legs. This time it’s way more calculated. We took some time to formulate our approach to getting our name out there. It was just us putting our minds together and some money together and coming from not only an artistic perspective but business as well. Matter ov Fact: And we were dumpster diving! (laughs) There’s a report out that says Chingy may have had a relationship with a transsexual. What do you guys think about that? Matter ov Fact: Personally, I’ve had relationships with plenty of transsexuals back in my day. Get in where you fit in, my man. EP: An orifice is an orifice. Get in where you fit in.”

“Robbie Ettelson Everyone who has any kind of a blog, website or even Twitter account will be familiar with the number of groups who hit you up to post their music. Most of the time I just ignore it, but this one got through the gate on the strength of their being managed by Adam Heron, the son of Mike Heron (who you’ll no doubt recall from this classic Unkut interview). The Doppelgangaz ‘2012 or Forever’ sounds like some 90’s shit (which is good, dummy). ”