The Dollyrots / Press

“A Little Messed Up...is a mix of fast paced, high energy and, most of all, catchy rock songs”

“The trio sticks close to the power-pop/punk hybrid polished up in the late '90s by bands like Chixdiggit and The Muffs (whose Kim Shattuck lends backing vocals to "Some Girls") , as The Dollyrots are all energy, massive bubblegum melodies and attitude.”

“If The Ramones and the Go-Go’s were to have a hot monster child from a super illicit encounter, it would turn out a lot like the Dollyrots. High energy, badass fun from a band destined to finally make their way to the top!!!”

“[A Little Messed Up is] the definition of pop punk, fun, energetic, full of attitude while never straying from its roots... aggressive lyrics are sugar coated by the vocals of Kelly Ogden... perfect harmonies with just enough grit to keep this record punk.”

“a pop punk band with nice a crunch factor and more hooks than a home for aging pirates”

East Coast Romper

“[album BIA] Producers John Fields & Kenny Laguna create a wall of sound that is at times psychedelically delicious, but is all pure pop punk with garagey, frenzied guitar licks, & the vocals are glittering yet gritty. the perfect balance between bouncy, youthful innocence & grown-up independence”

Jersey Beat

“The Dollyrots: sugary and sweet on the outside, but once you get into them you'll see one decisively intense pop-punk band... Because I'm Awesome is a high energy, incredibly catchy and abnormally fun album to listen to. The Dollyrots create a fast paced, pop-punk sound that is unlike most out there”

The Punk Site

“a slice of Ramones inspired pop-punk, with just a slice of buzzsaw guitar that would make the zeroboys proud”

Rock Star Journalist

“with chugging guitars set to infectious choruses of “nah-nah,” “yeah-yeah,” and “yum-yum…" [Kelly] Ogden—all blond hair, tall boots, and short skirts—makes pissed off look adorable. And the Dollyrots make punk look like fun again.”


“gleefully snotty bubblegum punk”

All Music Guide

“God bless bratty, bass playing punk grrls. Lucky for L.A.'s Dollyrots, they happen to have one.”


"Because I'm Awesome" Voted "Coolest Song in the World 2007"

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