“[The Dirty Pearls] come from the same teenage culture as Lady Gaga. If she ever wants to make a really hard rocking record she should hire The Dirty Pearls.”

“New York City rock revivalists....The Dirty Pearls.”

“The band has never sounded more like themselves– rising to the occasion to showcase not only the breadth of their talent, but the reality underlying their immense, stadium sized rock vision.”

“Dirty Pearls' frontman Tommy London busted out his best Diamond Dave. (Referring to Dirty Pearls/Lady Gaga duet on Van Halen's classic "Panama")”

“I remember the time my ex-boyfriend took me to see The Dirty Pearls. I took my bra off and ran on stage.”

“Well played Dirty Pearls. Well played. (Justin Hawkins to crowd after Dirty Pearls performance)”

Justin Hawkins of "The Darkness" - Terminal 5 Concert

“[The Dirty Pearls are an] appealingly scruffy rock band working a Kinks vibe.”

“With seals of approval from some of the most sleaze-happy glam acts, the aptly named Dirty Pearls are making good with their hometown and representing its rock n' roll heart in the most fun way possible.”

"New York rock bands have always seemed to have a great trademark gritty aggression and The Dirty Pearls are no exception. Their latest record,"Whether You Like It Or Not", has the dirtiness of Guns n' Roses but the pop energy of Cheap Trick. We need more bands like The Dirty Pearls".

“If you're a fan of Buckcherry, Guns N' Roses, or reaching further back, the Ramones and the Dolls (and all the attendant debauchery that goes along with those bands) then The Dirty Pearls are your new bffs.”

“The Dirty Pearls deliver great in your face Rock n Roll a la no holds barred. If Guns and Roses, The Darkness and The Rolling Stones were in a hot tub lovefest…you would have The Dirty Pearls birthed from it. Sexy, nasty and real!”

“This is an album for big city young people and small town dreamers who yearn to follow in their foot-steps. Cheers to the Dirty Pearls, if they’re not already big time, full-on, stadium touring, rock stars, by the time you read this, they’re obviously, well on their way.”

““Whether You Like It Or Not” is an album that is cocky, catchy and entertaining as hell, with a loose, rollicking feel that gives it an extra zap of energy and attitude. The Dirty Pearls gets the balance between lustre and grime just right, and I’m hoping there’s more where all this goodness came from.”

“Local hard-rock outfit the Dirty Pearls comes off like an East Village Mötley Crüe, combining power-poppy hooks with glam-derived slickness. We admire the stubborn untrendiness of the band's new one, "Whether You Like It or Not".”

"Who's Coming Back To Who", is a combination of everything this band does well coming together -- the guitars are heavy, the timing is on, and the "pop" hook is addictive. Bands will spend their careers trying to write a song as catchy as this one, but for The Dirty Pearls this is one of several on the album, "Whether You Like It Or Not".

"Whether You Like It Or Not" is a punk and rock disc featuring a group that says more with three chords and a few string bends than just about any contemporary in the scene.

"If more modern rock bands were like The Dirty Pearls, then rock would have never really disappeared from mainstream audiences"

“The Dirty Pearls are a buzz band poised to break out big in the rock universe.”

“Real Deal New York City Rock N' Roll!”

"The Dirty Pearls are bringing the sleaze back! This New York City band, already famous for their legendary live shows, high energy, and dirty rock attitude are now set to release their highly anticipated album "Whether You Like It Or Not'. Let out a sigh of relief, dirty rock and roll is here again!"

“You can’t have a conversation with anyone about the NYC rock music scene without mentioning The Dirty Pearls. With the highly awaited release of their new album “Whether You Like It Or Not” coming out later this year, they are more popular than ever.”

“The Dirty Pearls are a NYC based band keeping the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll sleaze alive today.”

"Dirty Pearls And A Patch For All The Rivington Rebels. Let's raise hell in the streets, drink beer and get into trouble"

Lady Gaga - Heavy Metal Lover

"High energy and straight-up rock and roll! I recently saw The Dirty Pearls live at Irving Plaza in NYC and was blown away by their dirty rock sound and stage presence. The band has battled their way to the top of the New York City rock scene."

"I'm glad I was introduced to their music, they are SO good"

"This is what rock n roll needs, an old school sound with a new school edge...I need a fix in a bad way!!!"

"I heard their song “New York City Is a Drug”, and I really liked that. So we worked together on the album. I really liked the style of that record – they wanted to play guitars loud and be a band. I saw these guys live at a music festival. There were 20 bands on before them that were completely interchangeable. Then these guys came on – they have a show, they look different"

“One band has kept it real and has just created a couple of music videos that recall the classic days of MTV and they are The Dirty Pearls. If you haven't become acquainted with them yet, this is a prime time to jump on board.”

“Rock n' Roll has returned...now wipe that smile off your face!”

“The Dirty Pearls aren't just any band and they certainly don't do anything half assed....well unless it is the women and they are usually bare assed.”

“Drawing on the influence of the 70's punk scene, the Ramones and the Clash especially, the Pearls' style of rock is far from pretentious and simply aims to have a good time. It all started when Tommy London had an "epiphany" while looking for the rock and roll of his favorite bands in today's scene and feeling unsatisfied. The singer gathered four other musicians who he knew could help to create his vision of raw, unapologetic rock, and the Dirty Pearls were formed.”