The Dirtball / Press

"This is one of best and most diverse records I have heard all year. This album is a definite buy for music lovers."


"He spits words at an alarming rate, even more alarming when you realize you can understand each syllable. His songs are fast paced and hard hitting, your head starts bobbing within the first few seconds and doesn’t stop through the whole album."

The Source Weekly

““Rapid-fire rhymes and an ear for catchy choruses distinguish the rapper’s style, which at times sounds something like a sharper-edged Big Boi.””


"With one of the fastest mouths in the west, features everything you would expect - banging beats, a quick-fire vocal delivery and lyrical creations that only a true outlaw would confidently spin."


"He can step on stage and captivate the crowd, he can get in the booth and mesmerize the listener, along side some of the best on the underground scene. No matter how far up or down the coast, The West Coast can still make the water bubble and the earthquake."


"His rapid flow requires a lot of breath control, and he revs up his lyrics on more than one occasion without tripping over his own feet. When he slows down, The Dirtball's voice resembles Eminem's voice back in his Sway & King Tech freestyle days."


"A barrage of nonstop MC techniques with an in-your-face attitude."

Omaha City Weekly