The Demigs / Press

“The Demigs are one of the most solid bands in the metroplex area.”

“There’s a smorgasbord of emotional jangle, bold percussion and thoughtful balance between gentle and roaring passages. Demiglio’s vocals straddle that precarious perch between being unassuming and comforting. Lyrical content is poetic but not so enigmatic that you have no clue what the words are meant to convey.”

“Among the best local releases this year.”

“Welcome to Hard Times shows the Demigs at their most original and cohesive.”

“Welcome To Hard Times is an album that is worth your full and undivided attention.”

“Welcome to Hard Times is one hell of a fun listen.”

“The Demigs have a distinctive sound that’s matched by their political savvy.”

“A leviathan by local standards, this expansive, ferociously intelligent and lovingly rendered examination of modern life is a testament to singer-songwriter Chris Demiglio’s creative tenacity.”

“This is a mammoth undertaking...The Demigs manage to maintain the momentum from beginning to end and that’s hard to do on records with half the size of “Welcome to Hard Times.”

“The Demigs is a criminally overlooked jewel of pop artistry.”