The Defilers / Press

“Tall-standing singer/guitarist Arleigh Hertzler, electric bassist Michael Dumas, and timekeeper Duck Reynolds deliver hard-hitting rave-ups, two chord bashers, and Johnny Cash-style country anthems.”

“A near capacity crowd drank, slammed, and rocked as the Defilers, Artemus Pyledriver, and Nashville Pussy unleashed a barrage of mega-tunage. ”

“Charleston’s The Defilers are a Social Distortion-inspired trio that veer toward the punk side of rockabilly without running totally off the traditional path.”

“If you ever get a hankerin' for some good old-fashioned shit-kickin' rockabilly, check out The Defilers.”

“It is the rough hands and weathered faces of great rebel spirits such as Johnny Cash and Hank Williams that the Defilers admire... See Link for more”