The Deadfields / Press

"“Carolina Backroads,” the opening track of “Dance In The Sun,” does well to capture the band’s essence of good ‘ole country, rebellious rock ‘n’ roll and the sweet love affair of folk."

"What gives the Deadfields an edge is their tight vocal harmonies —although Reid is, technically, the lead singer, this band brings the harmony home, like vintage Eagles, Poco or Pure Prairie League."

"A perfect mix of roots, country and Americana the Southern band delivered a set of tunes that made it hard for anyone there to stand still."

““Sunny, pop-infused country that relies on honesty””

“The Deadfields' "Dance In The Sun" gives you a little of everything, for all type of music lovers, from country to rockabilly and bluegrass. Truly one of Atlanta and Georgia's most talented bands. If you need a cd for the summer, this is it. Great for a drive through the moutains or laying on the beach.”

“Dobro, pedal steel, banjo, guitar, mandolin and harmonica all comingle with bass and drums on The Deadfields’ lead-off CD, Dance In The Sun, and “Carolina Backroads” brilliantly encapsulates what The Deadfields are about, musically.”

"meet The Deadfields. If their debut album, Dance in the Sun, doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will."

"The Deadfields plow a fertile swath of songwriting."

"The Deadfields are catchy as hell and very accessible, but never sacrifice song-craft or soul"

“The guys in The Deadfields have something going on for them that is a breath of fresh air in a somewhat stale environment with a sound that is clearly inspired from Americana to Country-Rock, but at the same time hard to actually pin point.”

“My friends and I were so impressed that we are scouting out some of their upcoming shows.”

“Consistently awesome!”

“...these guys are a tight, high energy fusion of rock imbued Americana with country flavor. I have worn out the 5 songs on their FB page!”

"It was really nice to finally hear something new and refreshing like you guys--can't get your songs out of my head...please make more :) Thank You!"

"You guys were awesome on Saturday-should have been on the main stage!!!!!

Keirsten Alexander - Owner - Zuffy's Atlanta

“Wow you guys! You did it!!! This is the band to beat all bands. Can't wait to hear you live!”