The Congress / Press

“The Congress specializes in old-school rock that’s immediately reminiscent of hey-day Little Feat with soulful vocals, fluid guitar work and the drive of gritty R&B grooves.. the group eschews current trends in genre-mashing in favor of honest journeys through distorted vintage blues and epic, fist-pumping bar anthems.”

“There are a lot of Colorado bands that come our way, but The Congress has a sound that floats them to the top of the batch.”

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, The Congress is a forceful rock outfit that combines great vocals and a level of tightness that is truly compelling.”

“Anchored by strong songwriting, The Congress draws comparisons to Little Feat, The Rolling Stones, and The Black Crowes while maintaining an originality that is attracting the attention of critics across the country.”

“Their unique mash-up is drifting across the nation, now that the band is playing festivals and blowing up in popularity.”

“Visit www.thecongressmusic.com for more links to articles, interviews, etc.”