The Coconauts / Press

“...one of the best versions we've heard of 'Over the Rainbow'...a surprising yet effective choice of an uptempo surfer in young Charlie Aznavour's 'She' which no-one could seen coming but it's great!...Super album throughout with just the mix of material.”

Davy - New Grandy Dancer

“The Lonely Coconaut - Terrific surf tune with a Spanish flair. The Coconauts soak the speakers in a sea of reverb. The steady eighth-note rhythm and bass drives The Lonely Coconaut in an intoxicating, yet captivatingly urgent, direction. The lead guitar is beautiful. With my headphones on, The Lonely Coconaut has an almost three-dimensional sound and physical feel to it. How did they do that? Very cool. With music like this, The Lonely Coconaut won't be lonely for long.”

“...In summary I must say The Coconauts are summertime, wintertime, springtime, autumntime fun. They rock hard. They make me smile. And it's true. They're naughty. They are perfect! Want some fun on the wild side? Get Coco-naughty!”

“Id been waiting for these guys to release something and they finally did! I'm REALLY happy with how it turned out. Its amazing how many great surf bands are coming out of Arizona these days. Who would of thought that the beach doesnt really matter, its the drip of the reverb. GREAT job, guys! I hope you sell MILLIONS!”

Frankie - CD Baby

“The Coconauts score big on their first release! They balance vintage and authentic instro surf tones with a fabulous sense of humor to create their own whacky world of reverb-denched guitars, kickin' bass, and driving drums. Listening to "Get Coco-Naughty is an "event" not to be missed. I can't wait to hear their next one!”

Terry - CD Baby