The Cliffnotes / Press

“Stepp’s band, The Cliffnotes, represents a wide range of talent and experience that straddles several styles. Stepp is the group’s lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter. Lead guitarist Al B Blue, vocalist Valerie Johnson, blues harp player Joey “Five & Dimes,” bassist Dr. Stan “the Bassman,” and drummer Daniel “Grasshopper” Ruben join the “Crawdaddy” to complete the group’s rockin’ sound.”

“The Cliffnotes claim to deliver, "blues, ballads and buffoonery." And they certainly lived up to that billing at their recent show at Level 4."”

“The Cliffnotes get the party started. They had people dancing, laughing and falling in love. They even made about a song about the winemaker to celebrate his recent award.”

Charles Rigley - Grapevine Radio