The Captain Legendary Band / Press

“Their latest CD is Smoking Barrel and it's the band's best to date, in my opinion. The lead single “Down” is something you can imagine Kris Kristofferson writing and singing: “I got drunk this morning with intentions of forgetting you by noon.” It's a great ode to drinking away a relationship, and it's no surprise that Kristofferson is one of Hager's songwriting idols.”

Best in Texas

“you can appreciate in the sound of their music without ever getting the impression that the riffs are stolen. The band has already gained a loyal following throughout the Southeastern United States, as well as in Texas, and now they're coming to Europe for the first time.”

Real Music- Hamburg Germany

“Is Country - the rock guild - indeed the foundation of all stylistic ingredients, so may be safely maintained that the brothers Charlie and Jeff Hager, Aaron Bancroft and Matt 'The Kid' grudge the wide field that has the best Roots, Jam-, folk, Southern rock and plants grow, have been harvested to the last succulent stalk. With two guitars, bass and drums, they inspire the clubs, especially in Texas. The Academy of Texas Music has named the Captain Legendary band as "Live Band of the Year".”

Rock Times - ROCK TIMES- TCLB Live

“I have a feeling this album will be around a long time in Texas and beyond.”

Walt Wilkins on Smoking Barrel

“My first impression was The Flying Burrito Broth... “My first impression was The Flying Burrito Brothers meet Merle Haggard…way out of the ordinary…Dave Miller, North of the Border ”

Dave Miller - North of the Border Magazine

“Refreshingly down-to-earth, the Captain Legendary Band is a breath of fresh air, in the oft cookie-cutter world of Nashvegas so many of us are subjected to on the airwaves. ”

“Cold, brisk January evenings often have a bit of a nostalgic feeling that take me back to the days of bonfires by the levee, accompanied with drink and some good ole’ country music. Friday’s night show by The Captain Legendary Band had all of the above.”

Josh Harding - Honest Tune a Magazine for Roots Music

“Comforting" would best describe the sound of The Captain Legendary Band, in that their songs are familiar renditions of straight-up country rock with just a hint of "sitting on the porch in July," southern blues.”

Mark Kneubuhl - San Angelo Live

“They are a well-rehersed, musically talented band that falls somewhere between Waylon Jennings and the Allman Brothers.... The sound is twangy, gritty, and soulful. ”

“The Captain Legendary Band is what great rock and country used to be. Their style is from a time when music was about songs and lifestyle and not about music just as a business”

“Cleverly embedded within this feel-good collection of songs is an emergence of painstaking art.”