The Calcutta Rugs / Press

"Is it just me or do these seemingly indestructible dudes get even better with age? Bulletproof harmonies, thick production, hot leads, and a sense of humor. Maybe it's vitamins . . . "

Burt Ward - Near Magazine

“I've had the good fortune to check these dudes out on occasion at festivals, clubs and other events over several years. With crisp arrangements and tight harmonies, these professionals treat material with the care and respect it deserves; one of our region's best roadhouse rock bands. . . .”

Amanda Van Horn - GRap Crier

“For 6 OGs, this band has kicked it into gear in its' 19th year of live performance. Like docents of the American rock museum, these dudes dutifully find all the fun. . . .”

Luis Fiero - DMS