The Billians / Press

“Loving your cool vibes. Feels like classic rock, but tastes like something new. Innovated and real music here. Don't stop makin... [more]”

Barbarian Wizard - Rock / Indie rock / singer song writer - Reverbnation

“Blasting away n grroovin on a Friday evenin with your awesome track 'Given'. Incredible!!! Thanks for adding beauty to my day w... [more] ”

Identity - Felicia - Pop / Rock / Alternative - Reverbnation

“Great music! Ready to head to Hawaii!! Super!”

STAND VOLUME - Rock - Reverbnation


THE AMERICAN BRITTS! - Alternative / ROCK / POP/FOLK ROCK - Reverbnation

“Great band, great tracks!!”

Robert Machado - Rock - Reverbnation

“ Rockin' with "Vintastica"...yeah yeah this song is fantastica!! Sha la la la la I'm feeling vintastica :-))”

Ashbury - Rock / Epic Rock / Acoustic - Reverbnation

“'All I Wanna Do,' oh yeah,... grooving the slow funk,.. very nice,.. great vocals,.. nice change up in the middle,.. kudos,.”

DC Miller and B York - Reverbnation

“Very groovy, very trippy rockin good funky tracks here..getting shades of beach boys melodies and the relaxed Summer vibes of S... [more]”

MikeWhitePresents - Dance / Electronica / House/ Progressive House / Pop - Reverbnation

“ "Given" ! Super-sweet <3”

Spirits Of Another Day - Pop / Classic Modern / Rock - Reverbnation

“ high on sunshine ~ flyin hawaiian ~ sweet sounds here”

pinksideofthemoon - Electronica / Trip-Hop / dub - Revrbnation

“ I'm a believer ! Some very well written songs with excellent vocals :) Keep Rockin !! ~ FOxman ”

Foxman - Alternative / Art Rock (multiple genres) - Reverbnation

“ The creative vibe here is just a groovin! Digging how funky you guys are..hell, I'm listening to all your tracks! kickass Da... [more]”

Danger Vain - Rock / Dance / Rocktronika - Reverbnation