The Better Life Band / Press

"The four-piece project known as “The Better Life Band” is anything but another short-lived attempt at a music career. I will be the first to admit that my assumptions prior to hearing a live show were a far cry from what this group actually represented. “The Better Life Band”, fronted by Derek Ashby, showed promise from the start with a solid performance of their song “So Bent” followed up by “If You Believe” and “Selfish Road”. If the band’s upcoming album proves to be anything like their song, “It’s Your Life”, they undoubtedly have the potential and determination to branch out into the mainstream music scene. "

“...I personally enjoyed The Better Life Band and The Vision. Two local bands who did an outstanding job. I always enjoy listening to local artist and bands that are trying to make it. They always seem to put so much of themselves into their show. To many times I have seen bands who have been signed get laid back and loss that fire and drive to make every show their best. Both The Better Life Band and The Vision had that extra spark in their performance this weekend... ”

“Man what a killer band these guys are going places fast and will be on the top in no time! Their new cd titled "Diversified", is a great collection of rock tunes, inspiring lyrics, searing guitar solos and amazing drum and rhythm work! Can't wait to see where the road takes these guys!!!”

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