The Awkward Robot / Press

"The Awkward Robot is one of our favorite bands to have played Skinny's. I predict big things for them. Can't wait to see them again." Skinny Marcum, owner of Skinny's Ballroom.

“...TAR's chill music serves as a perfect summertime accessory. Their sound is both breezy and mellow and Jason Martins vocals will slide smoothly down your ear canal like water beads down a frosty beer mug. Combine this with Javier's infectious accompanying arrangements, and The Awkward Robot is sure to become your new go to soundtrack to unwind in the shade with.”

“ “I put a lot of myself and what I was going through at the time in to that song,” he said. “ ‘Anthill’ is really about sticking to your guns and not giving up on whatever is important in your life.” ”