The Alchemystics / Press

“The Beat magazine (27th Annual BOB MARLEY and the Wailers Collectors issue, 08/09) There are more musical elements crammed into the three–song two–dub sampler from the Alchemystics(Fundamental) than in many full length releases. High energy contemporary dancehall DJ hip-hop, roots lyrics and full-band arrangements from the seven-piece group make for an impressive debut. My own favorites are the slightly calmer dubs with some nice flute snaking through the “Peace of Mind/Piece of Dub” track especially.”

Chuck Foster - The Beat Magazine

“The Alchemystics were another new band, to this critic anyway, that thoroughly impressed and made many new fans with a stirring set. The band’s sound is rooted in reggae, and infused with hip-hop and soul music. Similar to the Roots, this band employs real musicians playing rock instruments, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and keyboards, while several members add harmony vocals. To the mix they add the potent vocal stylings of an emcee (Force) and a reggae singer (Ras Jahn.) On “Mosh Up”, the emcee pranced from one side of the stage to the other, and from the front of the stage to the back, firing up the crowd with his effervescent energy. His raps flowed super fast off his tongue while Jahn soulfully tempered the lyrical flow. The percussion and keys stood out on the smooth conclusion to “Spread Hope”, and then the band tossed out Alchemystics Frisbee’s to a large crowd eager to snatch them up.”

"Reggae fans who are tired of listening to one pale Bob Marley imitation after another will have reason to celebrate when picking up a copy of The Alchemystics self-titled EP. While reggae sensibilities form the core of the album’s sound, The Alchemystics are not content to rely on standard rhythms and trite chord progressions. Reggae beats are infused with hip-hop lyricism and techno innovations to create a sound that is polished and refreshingly unpredictable. . . In a world where musicians seem increasingly content to follow established formulas, its encouraging to find a band that can defy boundaries with skill and grace"