“They use sounds that are pure and let them focus on the progressions and melodies they create. The combination of their musical sensibilities with their production on Propellerhead's Reason software create a very unique subset of sounds that are not being made by really any other producers I am familiar with. The epic bass sounds of dubstep, mixed with the low-key down-tempo beats and 8-bit synths create a sound that is both new and classic at the same time. The psychedelic element of the Acidophiles sound may be what makes it so successful. Every track tends to take you on a journey.”

“The commanding bass lines of The Acidophiles, in particular, flowed with trance-like elements and mercilessly blended in heavy beats to grab and pull everyone straight into the music. They began their buildups with an almost casual greeting that then proceeded to slam the beat right through the audience.”

"The Acidophiles are putting Fort Collins on the map with their trance brand of psychedelic hip-hop grooves." Read more: http://www.coloradodaily.com/music-news/ci_15175427#ixzz11qB8Umjq Coloradodaily.com

"Much of The Acidophiles rapid success, which is evident in their appearance in this summer’s Sonic Bloom festival, has been made possible by a deep faith in what they are doing."