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““The Strange embody a new kind of masculine energy, strong, passionate, male heart-warrior energy in balance with kindness, creativity and a true respect of the feminine.” ”

"The Strange are my clients, they are my friends, they are Santa Fe’s own hometown honest Rock & Roll band ready to take on the world with their hard fought, heart felt own brand of Desert Rock."

“Jimi Hendrix once quipped “Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel,” and the reason why I appreciate this band and why they will always find a welcoming platform on my radio show is that they live this science intimately.”

“I recently found myself north of the Bernalillo County line when the opportunity arose to attend a sold-out Dr. Dog show ,with Deer Tick and The Strange, at the Santa Fe Brewery Pub and Grill...... On a final note, it would be a sin not to mention the surprise found on the way out the door. The Strange, managed to whip up an impressive one-stop shop of merchandise as the show was concluding. We couldn't pass up the dynamic young man at the helm of t-shirt and CD sales priced extremely reasonably at $5.00. The purchases were quickly put to use as we donned our newly acquired apparel while grooving to the tunes for our drive back to Albuquerque. This CD was a perfect way to end a perfect night of good music from start to finish!”

“SantaFe.com and City of Santa Fe feature a night of indie rock with The Features and local act, The Strange... Since forming in 2010, The Strange has quickly established itself as Santa Fe's most popular rock outfit with its modern fusion of '60s and '70s classic and hard rock. The Strange was named Best New Band for 2010 by the Santa Fe Reporter. The band's sound has been compared to classic rock stylings of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Band, and Neil Young. The Strange also incorporates a variety of eclectic musical styles, ranging from reggae, and funk to rockabilly and alternative country. The band was recently featured in Austin, during the SXSW New Music New Faces showcase. The Strange is a mainstay of regional radio with its most recent single “Hold On,” available on the band’s debut album “BANNED”.”

““I think, because we’re young, people don’t trust us to be any good,” Justin Lindsey, singer for The Strange, tells SFR. Well, winning Best New Band should be a pretty good indication that the music-going public does trust The Strange. The band has evolved steadily over the nearly two years it has been together, from bar blues band to more of an indie-rock project laced with classic rock sensibilities. Recently upgraded to a six-piece with the addition of Daniel Murphy, band members Lynsay Ayala, Andrew Davey, Braden Anderson, Mitchell Lacassagne and Justin Lindsey continue to play shows wherever they can while attempting to get two albums’ worth of original songs recorded at Frogville Records. “Winning this honor just makes us want to work even harder,” vocalist Ayala says. With tours coming up and whispers of marketing in Japan, The Strange has all the makings of another Santa Fe success story. (ADV)”

“Santa Fe is buzzing about the fresh-faced rock ’n’ roll band, which consists of Lynsay Ayala, Justin Lindsey, Braden Anderson, Andrew Davey and Mitchell Lacassagne. The group is the result of the disbanding of The Revolutionary No Water Blues Band, and brings to the table precisely what makes us love music: original songs, soulful lyrics, slick guitars and a sound that gives the impression the band had a damn good time making it" - Charlotte Jusinski, Santa Fe Reporter ”

“The Strange.... these young outlaws came into frogville with a similar vision to some of the earlier frogville mainstays like nathan, boris and joe... they wanted a very earthy, true, mostly live vibe... they achieved it... the band sounds young cus they are!!!... and they are rock n rollers to the core, reminiscent of late 60s, early 70s rock like The Band, Purple & Zeppelin... what you hear is what you get.... nothing fancy, just good songs & authentic vibe.... the more i hear this record, the more i realize it is in my "tops" list of all times at frogville ”