The 27s / Press

“I find it fascinating how a good basic rock/power pop sound can still sound so personal. The rhythm section blasts away and with rhythm guitar (also lead vocalist) some times keeps things rudimentary at a quicker UK original punk level. Yet there are Buzzcocks or 999 style guitar runs jabbing away and they remind me a bit of the Rich Kids if they had fully gotten their act together. I hear some of the Nerves and some of the more assertive American power-pop/punk energy here as well. This is straight forward rock/pop music, but with lots of little flourish to keep it fresh and fun and perfect end to a Friday night.”

“For fans of classic 1980s power pop, listeners will do themselves a favor giving a listen to local quartet The 27s. The 27s sound more than a little like The Replacements, and it’s awesome. With their bright, clean riffs and snake-y guitar leads, the group demonstrates themselves as keen students of ‘80s college rock. The EP is filled with quick, sticky guitar pop.”