TH3RDZ / Press

“TH3RDZ As the name implies, the three members of emerging Northwest hip hop group TH3RDZ (Candidt, JFK, Xperience) are equal factors in their own musical operation. With no clear frontman, only the product of their creative energy remains as a focal point. What’s amazing is that each MC has both the energy and personality to the carry the weight of the band alone (unsurprisingly, each also has their own promising solo career), yet they sound natural as a trio, and deliver some of their best work together as such.”

"From the name on down, TH3RDZ is an honest, face-value rap group, and as established MCs, they have the connections and presence of mind to corral high-grade production (this time Grammy-nominated producer Kuddie Fresh supplies the beat), and the skill to top that production with consistently proficient verses--and sometimes it's that simple. They're about the show, not the tell."

“As you may or may not know, XP, JFK and Candidt, all charismatic, dope-on-their-own Oldominion affiliates, have a group called TH3RDZ. Between these two short clips they all get their own lane for a sec, which is great. I'm real excited for This That & TH3RDZ.”

“Having each released a stellar solo album in the last year and change (Building Wings on the Way Down, William VIII and Sweatsuit & Churchshoes respectively), three of the most distinct voices from Seattle's long-influential Oldominion collective, JFK, Xperience, and Candidt have come together to form TH3RDZ, and released "Therapy," the first track from their upcoming mid-August debut This, That & TH3RDZ. ”

“TH3RDZ are a project for the rap nerds, for those who just want to hear their favorite rappers get together and go the fuck off. JFK’s nasal urgency, Candidt’s oscillating pitches and rhythms, and XP’s punchlines with vocals falling somewhere in the middle make for a tightly constructed trio. Their previously released track with 10.4 Rog, “Therapy,” bumps on a more reserved tip. Based off those distinct offerings, it’s hard to tell what This, That, & TH3RDZ will sound like, except dope. ”

“Check out the latest drop from the Oldominion-affiliated three-man wrecking crew of Candidt, JFK and Xperience. “Wylout” is produced by BeanOne and sounds like one of them early hype Wu-Tang joints. The kind built exclusively for jumping up and down repeatedly in the club. If this track were a candy bar, it would consist of chocolate, caramel nougat and crunched up bits of microphone. It’d be called a “Chunky, Son!” ”