Tetramer / Press

“I believe this album would be gobbled up by the general rock radio station listeners. “Smug Jesus” belongs on radio. It’s epic. I’d call it symphonic rock but with balls. It’s got great vocals, the playing is spot on, and it’s got a chorus you wanna sing.”

“Tetramer – Another Public Meltdown "I’ll make this one really easy for you. This is one of the best rock records you’ll hear this year. Period. Tetramer is awesome both on record and in the live setting."”

“Tetramer have crafted a five-song EP that truly focuses on all of the band's strengths. Vocal duties are once again split between Marc Gillig and Jerry Burrus as each takes turns hitting every note with perfect delivery. The guitar playing is inspired and the (somewhat) newly cemented rhythm section adds meat to the bones where they might otherwise remain a bit bare with situational players. Simply put this is a rock record that is accessible to a wide swath of the music buying population. Catchy as hell but certainly not in the simplistic way that most bands unintentionally lower themselves to.”