TDEL2 / Press

“Barnegat makes pleasant listening. The album takes you on a rollercoaster journey with well produced, 80′s -influenced soothing mixture of high/low melodies”

Tracy Dawkins - New Lease Music

“Bursting with upbeat futuristic electronic twists and classic guitar turns, TDeL2’s debut album ‘Barnegat’ is a must-have winter warmer.”

Music Minute NYC

“a beautiful approach to electronic, ambient music that is as dispassionate as it is tear jerking...TDeL2 is one of those musicians who is probably happy producing this stuff in his 'den' and sending it around the world but, with the right marketing, this could be huge stuff in the mainstream market.”

Listen With Monger

“complex, emotionally-driven songs that incorporate both acoustic and electronic elements”

“Tony creates evocative, electronic indie rock, and we cannot get enough of his new single, “Fearless Youth.””

The Crew Scene

“His debut single ‘Fearless Youth’ showcases a juxtaposition between melancholic lyrics about a summer lost, with upbeat futuristic electronic twists and turns.”


“...remarkable debut album....a promising new artist on the electronic scene.”

Vents Magazine

“More often than not, my thoughts block out the sound. Rare is the tune that snaps me back. Listening to TDeL2 commands you to do just that - think. You can't help it. You are transported over rolling soundscapes of lush electro-indie into the warm fuzz of the last summer days.”

Indie Dunes

“Massive sound, subtle guitar, uplifting...an auspicious beginning for this new artist...It's a don't miss.”


“...Fearless Youth is a subtle, gentle song...think Royksopp duetting with Jose Gonzalez with some vocoder..and a wistful, almost tender, vibe and you're pretty much there. This is genuinely intriguing stuff.”

Listen With Monger

“Sweet sound. Now here's a good ol' corn fed American for us to fall in love with. TDEL2...has found a sound we can get behind with Fearless Youth. It's lovely, enchanting, and just beautiful.”

My Noise Spinning

“TDeL2′s new track ‘Fearless Youth’ is so dreamy and cinematic, it’ll set off small goosebumps...”

Blushing Panda

“amazing futuristic instrumentals that...showcase a juxtaposition between upbeat pop & melancholy/ambient/ghostly vocals. A duality that just gives me chills as I listen”

Guerrilla Nights

“Lush cinematic instrumentation, massive synth sounds and subtle guitars combine to construct really accomplished tracks...the hints of lyrics...are considered and meaningful.”

"Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. If that one song [Fearless Youth] was any indication, it's going to be fantastic."

Shawn Hatfield (Twerk)

“...his blend of relaxing, chill, introspective mood grooves seriously put me in a trance.”

Mike Ricucci - Terra Rising Records

"TDeL2 is an artist from [Nebraska] who builds electro-influenced instrumental, post-rock, and ambient music. Can’t go wrong with that, and this guy’s music really stood out from the crowd.

Ryan Anderson - Outersound Underground