Tyrannosaurus Chicken / Press

“Artist of the Year:Tyrannosaurus Chicken AR Times 2011 But of all the thrilling features of the band, it's truly amazing how they can effortlessly balance between such oppositional forces. They're primal and progressive, foreign and familiar, abrasively gritty and technically brilliant. The last duo to have that type of thing written about them was the newly defunct White Stripes. So what pushed Tyrannosaurus Chicken over the edge? From the judges' points of view, nothing speaks louder than the fact that their notes, at points, all turn into cuss-filled, all caps shock: Says one: "Damn son! This shit's for real!" Another: "It would take one seriously miserable son of a bitch not to love this." Yet another, in bold caps: "Who are the poor bastards that have to follow that?!" Yep. It's really that good.”