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“the album, which they’ll release with a Saturday night Ironwood show. Fittingly, it’s a big ol’ bag of gorp that is as nourishing as it is undeniably natural and affecting; 10 songs that breathe and hum along with the heartbeat of their surroundings; and the best and most honest thing they’ve done.”

“There’s extraordinary confidence in Nowhere Fast.... You can hear it in the way [The Trio] slip in and out of the aural spotlight to let the others play, and the looseness in approach that translates into serious virtuosity. It’s in their ability to record in such a way that would make mistakes, uncertainties glaringly obvious: the whole record is only sparse textures, no drums (who does that anymore?). Buckley, who is so often a careful and thoughtful performer, has made himself vulnerable by recording this way, allowing us to hear even the slightest of wavers in his voice. And he’s doing it with gusto. Such a great thing to hear.”

“If T. Buckley’s songwriting prowess is an untapped secret, it won’t be for long.”

“Here’s what: I think everyone in the Calgary scene is looking at their collaboration like it’s one of those rare magical musical encounters. This is something to watch over the long-term. Buckley is a skilled songwriter, capturing the nostalgia us prairie folk have for our surroundings in tales of love and longing. Match that with Leacock’s playing (and Derek Pulliam rounding out the trio) and it is indeed magical.”

“Backed by local guitar vet Tim Leacock, who also plays a spicy mandolin, along with upright bassist Derek Pulliam, the trio turn out warm, flowing melodies with a little grit on the edge that taps into a pure vein of country soul. The title for Buckley’s third release, Northern Country Soul, is a good fit.”

“Boom. I turned my head for a second, and a new generation of songwriters popped up in Calgary, shockingly professional and prolific, securing weekly residencies at top venues and the best players in town to accompany them. T. Buckley is one of those songwriters. In a matter of a few years, he has built a solid fan base in the city, toured across the country, and now released his second album, Northern Country Soul.”

“T. Buckley has become one of the top names in the roots-country scene out in Calgary, but since his debut album, Roll On in 2011, he's spent some good time on the East Coast, touring the area and falling further for its charms. ... On his new album, Northern Country Soul, he's written one of the best non-resident tributes I can think of. It's called simply, The Maritimes, but it will catch your ear right away, opening with the lines, "Well, I'm driving down this country road where the St. John River bends..." He caps it off with a chorus of "I know my baby's waiting for me, and I miss those Prairie skies/but a part of me will always be at peace out in the Maritimes." Well, he's just asking to get invited back soon. Elsewhere on the disc, Buckley continues to define an alternative Alberta sound, staying away from any cliche that taints modern country.”

“Buckley’s musical bloom is a beginning, a redemption, like the dawn bruising your eyes in a truck stop after midnight.”

Calgary Folk Music Festival

“Keep an eye on T. Buckley - not long from now, we suspect you'll have the right to brag that you saw him live, right here, near his beginnings.”

South Country Fair

“If Austin, Texas wasn't now filled with every alt-anything band and hipster scenemaker, I'd suggest Buckley fits in nicely with the kind of songwriter that city produces, or used to produce: the authentic roots performer who worries about the song first, the performance second, the audience next and the image last. Roll On is filled with strong images, concise writing and memorable melodies.”

“The T-Buckley [sic] Trio is the tremendous talent to see...as their country, folk and rock and roll mix has been raising a lot of eyebrows on the roots scene lately”

Avenue Magazine

“Timeless isn’t — and shouldn’t be — a common descriptor, but it’s hard not to hear the best bygone eras in his harmonica-laden folk and stomp-worthy rock ’n’ roll.”

“One of the rising stars of the roots scene...”

“2010 may very well be the year in which the dam bursts and the rest of Calgary – let alone western Canada and beyond – fall in love with this singer-songwriter talent. ”