Tavana / Press

“Tavana McMoore has caught one rocker's eye; now he's after the public's ears”

“The man is one of those serious GUITAR DUDES. Like he's got the licks and the chops and fuckin' kills it.”

“If there's such a thing as Polynesian fusion rock, Tavana is its biggest star”

“Tavana McMoore was born with a predisposition for performance.”

“Distinguishing notes: With his grandfather's name, Tavana McMoore brings a bit of Polynesian baggage in his launch as a rockster. Tavana was the trade name of Waikiki's long-running spectacle of South Seas syncopation; the latter-day Tavana's father also had history with grandfather's show, but this latest family act has no bearing on his founders.”

“From Hawaii To Texas: Tavana McMoore Continues To Amaze”