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“Tanek Montgomery – She Could Be [Audio]”

“Escucha a Tanek Montgomery en “Here I Am””

“Tanek Montgomery - Shoulda Coulda Woulda ”

“Tanek Montgomery's 3rd single release, "Shoulda Coulda Woulda," from his EP, "It's Showtime."”

“Tanek Montgomery, a new R&B face that you should get used to, premieres the official music video for, "Hey Girl," which is his follow up single for, "Lovin' You Better." Both singles are oozing with old school R&B vocals. No stranger to the lime light, Tanek Montgomery has opened concerts for many well-known recording artists and is currently in the studio working on his upcoming EP.”

“Tanek Montgomery – Shoulda Coulda Woulda Tanek Montgomery brengt zijn nieuwe single ‘Shoulda Coulda Woulda’ uit, zijn derde single van zijn aankomende album. Luister hieronder zijn nieuwe single! Read more: http://www.urbanmag.nl/tag/tanek-montgomery/#ixzz2FSLHQhcY”

“This joint has intense energy with a west coast lowrider feel to it. Check this joint out while your dropping the top in your Cadillac. Tanek seems to promise that special girl that he will be faithful and have her screaming. That’s what all girls want? A faithful man that can put it down. His vocals hold down the track on the feel good beat. "Hey Girl," is available at online stores, but Montgomery is still working on a new untitled EP.”

“Tanek Montgomery releases, “Shoulda Coulda Woulda,” the 3rd single off his upcoming EP, ‘It’s Showtime.’”

“Contributing Artist: Tanek Montgomery Title: Shoulda Coulda Woulda Genre: R&B”

“The new single, "Hey Girl,: taken from Tanek Montgomery’s new EP which drops this fall.”

“Aaronomical Interviews R&B Singer Tanek Montgomery: Meet R&B newcomer Tanek Montgomery. The talented Pennsylvania native recently released the video for his latest single, “Hey Girl," which is lifted from his upcoming EP.”

“Just over a month ago, we introduced you to Pennsylvania native, Tanek Montgomery, hoping you'd see that he's offering something "Better" with that smooth voice of his. Now, he's back with "Hey Girl," the second single from his upcoming EP. This time around, Tanek is on prowl, and he likes what he sees. I can just imagine his eyes bugging out of his head like an an exaggerated cartoon character as he lustfully professes his desire to make a certain sexy woman with the "body of a goddess" scream if she'll just hop in his ride. The references feel slightly dated, but he succeeded in having me sing along with the catchy chorus. If you like what you've been hearing from this newcomer, get your instant gratification on by downloading "Hey Girl" from your favorite digital retailer and stay tuned for the release of his EP sometime this fall.”

“Artist-on-the-rise Tanek Montgomery is back with another new joint entitled "Hey Girl," which is lifted as the official second single from his upcoming EP, which is scheduled to be released this Fall. With that said, take a listen below to "Hey Girl," and Enjoy!”

“ENTREVISTA A TANEK MONTGOMERY: "El hip hop ha devorado el R&B"”

“Tanek Montgomery's new follow-up single, "Hey Girl!”

“Listen to the second track, "Hey Girl," lifted from Tanek's forthcoming EP, which is scheduled for a Fall release.”

“Tanek Montgomery, que é certamente uma de nossas apostas do R&B internacional está de volta. Depois de encantar o mundo com seu primeiro single“Lovin’ You Better”, ele está de volta com “Hey Girl,” música que estará em seu EP à caminho.”

“Po świetnym singlu „Lovin’ You Better”, Tanek Montgomery powraca z nowym utworem. Kawałek nosi tytuł „Hey Girl” i jest zapowiedzią nadchodzącej EPki. Jeśli chodzi o utwór, naprawdę świetna robota, posłuchajcie.”

“Tanek Montgomery began his lyrical journey at the age four. By age 10, he sang a song by the R&B group, Troop, entitled, “All I Do Is Think Of You,” to his mother for her birthday that stunned everyone in attendance. He later started quartet singing with small groups in the neighborhood, local house parties, birthdays, etc. Since then, Tanek has opened concerts for many well-known recording artists. Check out Tanek Montgomery's new single, "Hey Girl," taken from his upcoming EP which is scheduled to be released this fall. “Hey Girl,” is also now available on Amazon.com, iTunes.”

“Tanek Montgomery is one of the many up and coming R&B/Soul artists. Tanek with his new soulful single has seem to strike up quite the response. Montgomery is working on a new untitled EP which should be coming out this summer or early fall.”

“Listen to Tanek Montgomery's new single, "Hey Girl," on your music daily dose website, Jams.to!”

“Check out Tanek Montgomery’s new single, “Hey Girl.” The new single is taken from his upcoming EP which is scheduled to be released this fall.”

“Check out Tanek Montgomery’s new single, “Hey Girl.” The new single is taken from his upcoming EP which is scheduled to be released this fall.”

“Following his well-received introductory single “Lovin’ You Better,” up and coming R&B singer Tanek Montgomery comes back with the head boppin’ “Hey Girl.” The second cut lifted from his upcoming EP, which is scheduled to be released this Fall.”

“Tanek Montgomery – Lovin’ You Better ”

“New Song: Tanek Montgomery – ‘Lovin You Better’ Emerging R&B artist Tanek Montgomery premieres his new single “Lovin You Better.” The New Castle, PA native is in the studio working on his EP, which is slated for an early fall release. He is also planning a promotional tour.”

“Aposta: Tanek Montgomery - Predestinado A Ser Ídolo! O cantor e compositor Tanek Montgomery, é o que podemos chamar de boa safra do novo R&B. Pra quem aprecia sem moderação músicas com melodias e voz que se destaca no meio dos demais, conhecer esse artista de Pittsburgh, que mora em Los Angeles, trará à sua alma o refúgio de quem está cansado de ver os veteranos se "vendendo" ao Pop e bate-estaca. Como muitos artistas, Tanek Montgomery começou a cantar na igreja, e aos 17 anos juntou-se ao grupo gospel “Voices From Heavens Gates". Cantava em eventos de todos os tipos como casamentos e aniversários, e ouvia o tempo todo de muitas pessoas que seu talento e super habilidade natural era um presente de Deus e encontrou apoio na família para seguir em frente, especialmente, sua mãe que sempre teve este ditado: "Todo mundo não pode dizer a mesma mentira." O primeiro single é "Lovin You Better", que foi escrita por Tanek e Alicia Lawrence, uma música que traz seu voca”

“Tanek Montgomery - "Lovin' You Better"”

“New Music: Tanek Montgomery, "Lovin' You Better"”

“Tanek Montgomery - "Lovin' You Better" Singer/Songwriter Tanek Montgomery is here to give you a break from the same old sound. "Lovin You Better," is a smooth track for the grown and sexy. On the tune, he cries out to the one that he loves; It's hard to not feel his pain. Check out this heart felt joint written by Tanek and Alicia Henderson Lawrence. Music by LaMonte "L" Lassiter.”

“New Joint: "Lovin' You Better" (Tanek Montgomery) Artist-on-the-rise Tanek Montgomery has released the lead single "Lovin' You Better" from his as-yet-untitled EP. While I am not too familiar with Tanek Montgomery, I came across his new joint yesterday and thought it was a solid find to share with you. Take a listen below to "Lovin' You Better" and get better acquainted with Tanek Montgomery. ”

“Tanek Montgomery - "Lovin' You Better" Tanek Montgomery's new single, "Lovin' You Better," most popular download this week!”

“Tanek Montgomery New Music Blog”

“New Music by Tanek Montgomery, "Lovin' You Better"”

“Tanek Montgomery releases “Shoulda Coulda Woulda”, the 3rd single off his upcoming EP, It’s Showtime.”

“R&B: Tanek Montgomery - "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" Nós já apresentamos anteriormente a voz e o talento de Tanek Montgomery , e agora ele está de volta com “Shoulda Coulda Woulda”, o terceiro single de seu próximo EP, ‘It’s Showtime.’”