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“T-Fox’s ‘House’ 
 Born a showman and recognized as one of Las Vegas’ biggest talents in recent years, T-Fox, who performs his “House Party” show at Resorts through July 12 (see p. 65 for dates and times), is a man of many talents. The vivacious singer can swing like Sinatra, do a Sammy Davis Jr. impression and then sing the late Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” — with glitter glove, red jacket, black hat et al — on the turn of a dime. “House Party,” also includes T-Fox’s immensely talented sister (Talein), who sings a couple of songs during the approximately one-hour-show, including a stunning tribute to Whitney Houston (“I Will Always Love You”).”

" I am Worship " Workshop "Well, let me be first to say that the Praise Team has taken it to a New Level. They are Fasting and Praying every Saturday until service is over. Truly I can tell a major difference. Thank you for your Labor of Love." Love Pastor & First Lady Melvin