Taalam Acey / Press

"You have so, so much inspired me with your Spoken Word"

"Spoken word artist Taalam Acey has a U.S. following that any performer would covet."

“When Taalam first appeared at the Green Mill's Uptown Poetry Slam rendering his passions in frenetic sound strokes of urgency and truth...I looked into those wide open eyes and said to myself, "This man carries the Message." And he does like few others can.”

Marc Smith - Founder of Slam Poetry

“Taalam Acey is a great testament to what this talent and skill can accomplish in challenging us all to see with our hearts as well as our minds, to cherish our past along with our future and to respect life as truly a gift from God.”

Larry Ervin, Director of Multicultural Affairs - Maryville College, Maryville, TN

“From the East Coast (New Jersey, to be precise) comes...Taalam Acey, who left his job as a senior level accountant to become a full-time poet, and has accumulated a mountain of awards.”

Tim Gibbard - VENUE

“Acey...alternates between black consciousness poems and dispatches from the street”

Sunday Star Ledger - NJ

“The highlight was an appearance by spoken word recording artist Taalam Acey, whose work is known world-wide.”

“Watch your mouth around Taalam Acey. The accomplished spoken word artist admits most of his work is often times inspired by conversations...Acey's pieces cover a wide spectrum of topics from politics to erotica to contemporary issues.”

“He has...powerful political poems, like "True Lies." There's a video of Acey performing it over the animation of Haik Hoisington, who won a 2005 MTV Video Music Award...”

Kalamazoo Gazette