Symphony Of Malice / Press

“Over the past few years, Symphony of Malice has taken the east coast by storm with their powerful, in-your-face metal. With the recent release of their debut album, Judgement Day (The Aftermath), these up-and-comers are out to prove that they have the speed, tone, and licks to deserve respect and recognition in the music world. And of course, BBE is there to help them on their way. Vocalist/lead guitarist Gus Sinaro can shred with the best of them, and has killer tone that could only be produced by BBE. By using the BBE Sonic Stomp in his signal chain, Gus is able to produce his heavy sound, yet maintain clarity and precision for his intricate solos.”

“Connecticut metal band Symphony Of Malice has unveiled its second official music video, this time for the track "Endless Desolation." That song is part of the band's recent release "Judgement Day (The Aftermath)." The video was directed by Edwin Escobar with the script for it done by Symphony Of Malice guitarist/vocalist Gus Sinaro. ”

“Live from Toad's Place - The Opus Birthday/blizzard bash Symphony of Malice opened this years event but i guarantee they will be headlining other events in the near future. Their look, sound, talent and ability tightly wrap together into a melodic onslaught that's refreshing to the metal scene. These 2 guitarists have so much talent and skill that they remind me of Testament in their early days. Youth is on their side and I predict that they continue to only get better. If you see this band live, support them. The scene will continue on if we all assist in the process. This is the future and I'm happy to see it arise. Check them out...like their facebook page and smile knowing that metal is alive and well. Fredd ”

“As all genres of music, the N.W.O.A.H.M. has continued to add new elements and today’s predominant practitioners rely heavily on mixing the guitar harmonies of Iron Maiden, the breakdown grooves of hardcore, death metal-influenced verse vocals morphing into clean, hook-filled choruses. All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, God Forbid, Trivium, and As I Lay Dying carry the flag proudly and CT-based bruisers Symphony Of Malice are poised to join the fight with their soon-to-be-released effort, Judgement Day.”

“My 1st exposure to Symphony of Malice was A Very Cherry Christmas at Cherry Street Station in Wallingford, CT. They kicked off the evenings events and set the standards high for the rest of the bands of the night. Their heavy and intricate sound impressed myself and everyone else in the room.”

“Connecticut metal band Symphony Of Malice has unleashed its first official video for the track "Nothing Left in Us." Check out the video below. The band is also streaming the track "War Conspiracy" over on their Facebook page, a song which will appear on their first full-length "Judgement Day - The Aftermath." Symphony Of Malice also has two shows coming up, one for It's A Metal Christmas Show at The Room in Brookfield, CT on December 21st and another event titled Aftermath on the 22nd at the El'N'Gee Club in New London.”