Sweetline / Press

“Enjoying your amazing work. Sweetline One is a nice question of music taste.”

Dj Guax

"Towards Light"...(Excellent) Song!! Incredible production!!


“Let You Down is outstanding! Very unique! Highly recommended!”

Matthew Martinek

“Towards Light blew my mind”

Beau Beauthoven Bryan

“Amazing sounds. Kept me glued all the way through. You're very talented!”


“Play...Repeat...Play...Repeat. I cant stop listening! Tight, thought out production and oh man that sinister vibe”

New American Witness

“The Need will be aired on TJs Muse Bridge”

Taunja TJ Clark - Muse Boat Radio

“Towards Light will be aired on TJ’s Muse Bridge 6-23-13 show starts at 10 pm GMT, 2 pm PT, 4 pm CT, 5 pm ET on Muse Boat Radio , Join us in the Chatroom”

Taunjua Tj Clark - MuseBoat Radio

“GREAT productions, you're very talented”

Claudia Jessie

“Very creative grooves and soundscapes. Cool.”


“Very tight analog sounds & tricky songs, love it”

Pyjama Devil

“Thank you very much for making us dance and sharing your light.”

Leila Licks

“These sounds are good for a movie. Very special. I like it.”


“Uh huh, "Sweetline One" is like candy for the ears...”

Mad Maluzu

“Oh man this is headphone only stuff right here! Turn off the lights and get lost in your mind!! I wish you the best with love and respect.”


"Towards light" profound creative mix of beatz and melodic beauty!


“Delicious beats and mysterious compositions, that's what I like.”

Metal Embargo

“Oh seriously....this is SICK! I could listen to this all night.”

Electro Rubber Band

“Awsome dark, tight, crispy grooves here bro...just lovin your style and bleakness. fantastic sound for "Sweetline one" and really like the grinding bass and Prince-like synth stabs on "Towards light"...great playlist my friend!!”


"Dancin in my chair...Love it"

Michael Vincent

"Back for another go... Love your production"

Dawn Neptune

"Love the dark mysterios sound of Towards light over the techno/house drums"

Jonathan tambe

"Very cool tunes"

Laramie Cooley + Kilkenny's Secret

“The Need is awesome!!! very avantgardish!! Love from Croatia!!”