Suzie Cue / Press

“On first blush, an affinity to Ani DiFranco comes through strong—Suzie Cue’s tight, arpeggiated strumming style was popularized by many in the anti-folk era of the ‘90s, when DiFranco reigned as superstar. At the same time, in what must be a conscious move away from DiFranco’s early days, Suzie Cue does temper the Angry Girl Folk Singer archetype of “76 Seconds” and “So Blue” with tender existentialism.”

“One of the top 50 best STL records of 2012.”

“[Suzie] has palpable passion for live music. Her outgoing demeanor makes open-mic...an electrifying event”

“Her robust voice does [the songs] justice.”

"If you see Suzie Cue live, you'll see how sassy she is."

“In this second post dissecting Jake Videmschek and Suzie Cue’s 96-minute late-night interview, we learn about the three major projects Suzie is planning to finish before the Mayan apocalypse.”

“Acoustic guitar shredder Suzie Cue came by this week for a midnight interview that’s been eagerly anticipated around the Local Project headquarters, and the wait paid off with a stellar 90+ minute interview.”