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“SusieCool and Stuart Hall - I'm always impressed seeing the two of you perform. I could sit back on an open deck with some pina coladas and a big spliff just listening to sweet harmonies, clear melodies and clever songwriting.”

Bing Futch - Bing's Blog

“That open mic queen herself, SusieCool, came up and allowed me to jam with her on dulcimer for two tunes (including "Computer Love") before closing her set with some rousing caribbean music. She's out every night, how does she do this and stay married?”

Bing Futch - Bing's Blog

“That's cool how your interview came about. I thought it went over really well. I admire you for the wonderful attitude that you have. It shows in your music and with all that you do to help promote other songwriters. Butterflies and Goosebumps is one of my favorites. Great tune!”

Paul - E-mail

“Susie, We were watching Ch. 9 and caught your performance at the Orange County Library. I would have to say my favorite song is "I want to Mambo" (it just beat out "Extraterrestrial") If you could add me to your email list so we could find out your next performance I would appreciate it. Also, how could I get a copy of "I want to Mambo" on CD, I want to pump that tune out of my speakers every morning when I wake up. Thanks.”

Melissa - E-mail

“I can't seem to get the Mambo song out of my head.”

Melissa - E-mail

“Susan, thank you so much for your enthusiasm, encouragement, and support. You have become something of a milestone-maker for me and I will always be grateful. it's always nice to see and hear you at the open mic”

Paul - E-mail

“Earlier in the day, Marte and Ruth participated in a Songwriter's workshop run by Mindy Simmons, Amy Carol Webb, Kate Carpenter and (in place of Marie Nofsinger) a new friend named "SusieCool! Susie was great - she did a WONDERFUL song called "MAMBO!", and was so much fun everyone adored her at once. She runs an open mic in Orlando, and we hope to someday attend.”

Florida Folk Festival Reporter

“Highlights from June's Open Mic Night: The wonderful and artistic SusieCool was up next. Susie recently was presented an award by the Songwriters Showcases of America at the Music Awards Show for 2002. She and Lisa Firestone co-wrote the song "Just Be Yourself" and won the award for the 2002 Best One Line Lyric. It's a cute jazzy tune. Susie is a songwriter and musician. She performed "Let's Go Dancing", "Butterflies & Goosebumps" and "Mambo". Susie also sang a new song she co-wrote with Lathan Hudson - a song about Jamaica.”

Black Cat Reporter

“Susie, I enjoyed your Leu Gardens concert. We rocked the house, didn't we? You are a fun person! I am also enjoying your CD. Thanks.From day one the first time I ever heard your very pretty voice and great lyrics I was a fan.........!!!!!”

Bill and Eli - E-mail

“When you come on stage, it lights up the room. Thanks for sharing your light and please, keep coming back.”

Donna - E-mail

“The lineup this month will BLOW you away... can't wait to hear Orlando staple SusieCool making magic on the stage with her incredible delivery and songwriting greatness! she is classic..”

Frankie Messina - Facebook Post

"Susie Cool will be opening the show. Her imaginative original songs will captivate you. Both the whimsical and serious ones. She is excellent at both. "

John Cunningham - Central Florida Folk newsletter

"Adored by dozens from the moment she steps behind an open mike, SusieCool is a genuine star. "

Tyler Gray - Orlando Sentinel