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“My favorite track, “My Fingers Hurt”, spins in half way through Side B and dumps a heavy dose of Vitamin D down the ear canals. It may be the closest the album ever comes to the beach before tracks like “Deep Eddy” and the title track, “It’s a Thing”, pull you below the surface, where heavy waves of delay stir up the water as guitars pluck like air bubbles rising and disappearing as the riffs pull you in like drowned hands toward the depths. Surf rock albums have nearly always served as more of a collection of stand-along singles than an overall narrative told by the combination of its tracks, and It’s a… Thing! doesn’t necessarily break from that tradition. It does, however, take a lot of turns between tracks, switching styles so smoothly that fans of surf’s late 50’s and early 60’s roots may find themselves jumping between decades of the genre’s history and mistaking a 2015 record for something that they heard more than 50 years ago.”

“As far as local acts go, The Surf Zombies are amongst the most prolific. Founded nine year ago, the act has produced six albums, with three dozen new songs lined up and ready to go for the next release. But lest you think that the Cedar Rapids four-piece is a case of quantity over quality, allow me to allay those fears here and now: The Surf Zombies are legit. Featuring a guitar heavy sound that mortals with less defined linguistic palates might refer to as “retro,” the Surf Zombies offer up a classic surf-rock sound w”

“Review of new record from Michael Roeder in Little Village: The Surf Zombies are back with their fourth album, It’s A… THING!, which marks the second album featuring their current band lineup: Founding member Brook Hoover is on guitar along with Ian Williams from the Wheelers and the Blendours, also on guitar. There is also Tyler Russell on drums and Trevor Treiber from the Blendours on bass, replacing Joel McDowell. On the new album, a few of the song titles vaguely refer to surfing—“Martian Beach,” “Sewer Surfing” and “Locals Only” (a sign that’s posted around popular surf beaches). The rest of the songs focus on the tangentially-related subcultures of skateboarding, hot rods, science fiction, comic books and horror.”

“ In reality, I'm 50% musician and 50% hot rodder/mechanic. Over the years my garage has seen everything from T-buckets to buckets of bolts come hot rods. It's seen decades of sweat, steel and great times. I've been listening to Lust for Rust while rewiring a '56 Chevy. Lust for Rust is at home in my garage. It's no poser. This is serious hot rod music.”

“Surf Zombies Lust for Rust Deep Eddy Records; 2012 This third album from the Cedar Rapids-based Surf Zombies is filled with all the surf rock goodness we’ve come to expect from the band — and Lust for Rust is packed with swirling riffs that sound like a tube closing in around you. There are plenty of searing leads and the band boasts a propulsive rhythm section that shows admirable restraint; not once do they give in to the temptation of overplaying. “Torque Fest” kicks off the album with a reverb-filled attack that’s as smooth as an oil slick. At times it sounds like a cat that’s been cornered and is determined not to go down without a fight.”

Alberto Rivera - The Beachside Resident Magazine

““Rat Tech” stomps and kicks with purpose and nerve, just begging you to do something worthy of a citation the more you listen. Elsewhere, “Stingray Dream” finds traffic slowing to watch the best-looking ride drive by. Throughout, the songwriting is fresh and crisp. Often, the songs seem too big for the speakers, and the players bring enough swagger and attitude — especially on tracks like “Boss 302″ and “Never Kill an Ape” — to take on any comers. Lust for Rust would also make the perfect soundtrack for the next breakout indie film. It closes out with the dreamy, crystalline tones of “Rust-Colored Leisure Suit.” And it’s a great breath-catcher, because if you have any sense at all, you’ll want to start the album over again from the beginning. – M.A. Rivera ”

“Surf Zombies CD Release Show CSPS Hall, 1103 Third St. S.E., Cedar Rapids Saturday, 8 p.m. ($12 ADV/$15 door) A flamboyant multi-genre master packing vintage gear, ax-murderer Brook Hoover arguably has been the area’s top pop/rockyroll electric guitarist of the last couple decades. Inspired by a high-octane blend of hot rods, surfing, teen monster flicks and film noir, Hoover and mates Joel McDowell (bass), Tyler Russell (drums) and Ian Williams (second guitar) conjure instrumental hotshots The Ventures, Surfaris and Dick Dale on their third disc, “Lust For Rust.””

Jim Musser - Iowa City Press Citizen

“Surf Zombies keep coming back, this time fulfilling their need for speed with “Lust for Rust.” The third CD from this Cedar Rapids fearless foursome is the perfect soundtrack for a pool party, backyard barbecue or any summer soiree that needs a little revving up. Imagine Johnny Depp’s band of bony pirates hanging 10, then hopping into their convertibles to peel out and breeze down the beachy back roads. The beauty of the 19 cuts on this all-instrumental disc is the seamless way each song weaves into the next. The styles undulate with the tides and appeal not only to those of us who grew up with the Beach Boys but to the inky generation, as well, given a nod with “Tattoo Pin Up Girl.””

“When Cedar Rapids Surf Zombies make a record [this is their third] they really give you plenty of bang for your buck.Topping in a grand total of 19 high octane tunes [their last album Something Weird had 21].”

“Songs by The Ventures, the Surfaris, The Chantays, Dick Dale and others serve as the template for decades of surf rock. Lust for Rust also follows these templates: galloping rhythms, BIG reverby tremolo guitar; but updates the sound with the occasional edgy distortion thanks to some influence by Williams, who also produced the album. I have memories of laying on the floor in front of the large console stereo staring at the beautiful girls on the covers of the records dad spun by The Ventures. The raw energy of the tribal drums and the blistering guitar soundtrack seemed at once electric, sexual and forbidden. This intersection of rock music with our baser instincts exists in its purest form in instrumental guitar rock. I thank The Surf Zombies for giving me another album full.”

“The surfing skeleton on a T-Shirt is probably the coolest horror related image bandied about in ages for a myriad of reasons. It’s not gory, which is just too easy to go there. It’s a funny and revealing glimpse at the camp humor SZ seems to have so much of. The Surf Zombies are landlocked and not undead, but this hasn’t stopped them from sporting one of the coolest images ever. While not a Horror band by the strict definition of the genre, this great instrumental surf rock inspired band cranks out amazing songs that would be right at home in the best horror B movies. With titles like “Meatgrinder,” Hammerhead,” and “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight,” the Surf Zombies are acutely aware of the image they want portray, daddy-o. The Surf Zombies are worth getting in touch to in order to buy the coolest new addition to your wardrobe. This T-shirt is a must have item.”

““The shimmering twang, whammy bar acrobats, and gross, crackly fuzz set the stage decades before starting my current band the Surf Zombies.”