IamSureli / Press

“Cleveland Is the City zigzags through several shades of hip-hop, with the ultimate goal of "shedding more light onto the Cleveland music scene," says Krayzie, who spits rhymes on several cuts. "This is a huge opportunity for up-and-coming artists to showcase their talents on a nationwide scale." And a bunch of them get that chance here. Included are pop singer Aaron LaFette, MC Lady Reek, rock and pop partiers iPhonic, and Celeb Forever, whose "High Horse" featuring Gucci Mane is a highlight. Of course, plenty of Cleveland's big names chime in too: Machine Gun Kelly, Ray Cash, Chip tha Ripper, and Ray Jr. all make appearances. ”

“She's such a 'Lady.' But don't let the good looks fool you, she'll 'Reek' havoc over any microphone that comes her way.”