Supermachine / Press

“Particularly through catchy choruses and melodies, soaring and vibrant vocals, the overall sound of Supermachine breathes deeply the 90's when lots of bands were hardly classified between new emerging genres like most especially Grunge and Stoner, plus eventually what has been called more vaguely Modern Metal; this isn't too pronounced with nostalgic feel and plagiarism, not an improbable mix of Nirvana and Black Sabbath at any moment if you prefer, those guys are good songwriters and have a rather dynamic approach which is boosted in testosterone's by a massive and rumbling metallic guitar sound !”

“Hailing from New Hampshire, Supermachine easily fits on any bill that would feature fellow label mates from SS’s Eastern tribe Backwoods Payback, Gozu, and especially Sun God’s in Exile. Recorded at SS’s go to house of sonic frequency, Mad Oak Studio’s Benny Grotto once again produced and engineered a crushing record. Stacked full of thick bass, chunky guitar tones, Mad Oaks crushing drum tone, Supermachine has made a steady as she goes modern rock album. Some people kind of get up in arms about that term these days (ironic, right?), but in all reality it is a compliment. Many bands call for a revolution in “modern rock” and hide in the sludge and mire of 70′s rock worship. That’s all fine and dandy, but it misses the point. The band hugs through 11 songs; all of which clock in between the 3 and 4 minute mark. Supermachine is set up for radio domination…if only Clear Channel wasn’t a Bill Hick’s joke…especially with the catchy and melodically overdriven”