Sunshine Superman / Press

“Meet the musicians of New York and Philadelphia fashion weeks. I have the wonderful honor and privilege to announce that Italian vocalist and pianist, Valentina Raffaelli, will be performing at both New York Fashion Week Italian Collections and the Philadelphia Fashion Show from Italy which are being hosted by Uomo Moderno magazine.”

“Instead of simply writing, recording, and showing up for their fans (which is not the easiest job in the first place), they must also edit and produce their own work, book gigs, and most of all promote themselves. With YouTube’s rise in popularity as a home video platform with an average of over six billion hours of its videos being watched per month, it’s no wonder that Sunshine Superman - Barringer’s Philly-based folk-pop band – has taken to promoting itself with a YouTube channel of home-recorded performances.”

“This band will appeal to fans of many genres including rock, folk, alternative and easy listening. They have somehow managed to blend many styles together to invent a new, fresh style that can only be labelled as Sunshine Superman”

“The band with a million fans who are completely unaware of it! Despising that they have been labeled “Jazzy Pop Rock”; Sunshine Superman stands alone when attempting to categorize their music! It’s progressive and distinct, which separates them from their talentless counterparts who follow the same boring format which continues to bombard popular music! Tattooed Music constantly has our ears to the streets listening for bands that break the molds of mainstream music and when we came across the progressive band from Philly we knew that we had discovered a diamond in the rough! Sunshine Superman consists of four members whom are all masters of their domain. Call it what you want, underground or independent, but this is where the talent is! Sunshine Superman has a million fans waiting in the wings; fans that have absolutely no idea that they’re fans just yet, but once they listen they will be convinced; Sunshine Superman is the real deal!”

“Sunshine Superman’s infectious tunes are drenched in upbeat melodies and snarky lyrics (“Sorry, I’m An Asshole”). However, the Philadelphia piano-pop quartet’s jazzy tunes are contemplative, complex and refreshing. “We like to add sections of blistering chaos where you least expect it, but nothing is forced,” says pianist/vocalist Valentina Raffaelli. She originally came to the U.S. from Italy to study music and “fulfill [my] dreams of playing my original songs to people,” she says. “In Italy, there is no market for new things. My ideas were too ‘strange’ for them.””

“Sunshine Superman is offering with this first EP a really cool and interesting combination of pop and quirky jazz (of sort), well sustained by lush arrangements and a sense of melody rooted in the 1970’s while being totally of its time, with a touch of ‘80’s nostalgia. Lead vocalist Valentina Raffaelli ‘s voice fits these songs perfectly and it’ll be interesting to hear and see how she can bring it to the stage. The four songs on offer here hold well and really shows the diversity of the influences within the band and after listening to the last track “Out of Your Sky” – a sure fire hit if there is any justice in this musical world - it does leave you wanting a whole lot more. Massive thumbs up as well for the very (very) cool track “Easy in My Skin”.”

Simon Fauteux - 4 out of 5 for their EP debut Sunshine Superman

“I had heard bandleader Valentina Raffaelli sing with Marc Silver and also with Ray Adkins, but this would be my first listen of her as lead vocalist and pianist. From the opening bars of 'Jessica Rabbit', Sunshine Superman delighted the audience with its dreamy jazz originals. Valentina's voice is both powerful and delicate, and her compositions showcase her instrument beautifully. The repertoire features her eclectic songwriting style, from the whimsical lounge of 'Easy in my Skin', to the longing melancholy of 'I Miss the Little Things', she is a natural and engaging performer. The band was equally as impressive: Lewin Barringer on guitar acted as melodic foil to Raffaelli's vocal and piano leads; Gordon Emma [double bass] and Melinda Gervasio [drums] provided the sensitive and fluid rhythm. Check them out- Sunshine Superman will not disappoint.”

Mike Hlatky - Finally some new music in town!