Strange Tail / Press

“STRANGE TAIL are 'HOLDIN' ONTO SOMETHING'. Now whatever it is they're grasping gleefully the have a pretty tight grip, with Gene Simmons like vocals and Poison-ing gang-backing vocals the title tracks hits harder in the guitar department than you'd expect. 'Runnin' For Your Love' cuts a smoother shape, although had production allowed, there is a vibe that this Strange Tail would like to be a bit heavier than they currently are, 'Wrong Side Of Love' and 'You & Me Tonight' adding to a convincing, sleazy, big haired strut. Early days for Strange Tail, but first impressions sure leave you grinning!”

“Superb Hard Rock band, they have it all - great riffs, great vocals, great music. Vocally excellent with lyrics to match, music is both modern and old school Rock that us die hard fans just cant get enough of!”

“It was great to have you play, f*ckin' quality band, I was impressed just by the sound check, hopefully hook up again in the future!”

Dave Sanders, Falling Red

“I have listened to your E.P. now for the second time, and I really think the two first songs are great! I would like to hear more!”

Sun Hill Productions (Sweden)

“By a mile, 'Runnin' For Your Love' is my favourite Strange Tail song! Bl**dy amazing!!! I genuinely love all of your music to date, but to me this is just different! It's the track I get stuck in my head and have to keep playing!”

Fan Review

“I've been listening to my new E.P tonight and you have done such a great job. Impressive tunes, great lyrics and distinctive Strange Tail attitude. Well done all!”

Fan Review

“Kickass riff for 'Holdin' Onto Something' guys... like a dirty, sped-up version of the 'Life In The Fast Lane' riff! Wicked, good vocal work too... with material this good, you guys are gonna be doing some killer gigs methinks for sure! Can't wait to hear you upload some more tuneage this tight!!!”

Mike White Presents (London)

"Wow, f*cking wow! What a gig by Strange Tail that was. Blown away, absolutely blown away! Proud to know you guys."

Fan Review

“My highlight of the day was fast approaching, and it couldn't have had a better prelude than a set by the brilliantly fresh and talented Strange Tail. Having seen them recently at the Lady of the Lake, I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. Despite only forming 7 months ago, I was astonished with how well they owned the Epic stage – hypnotising the audience with their Thin Lizzy inspired performance. Toby and the boys did tremendously well and well and truly stamped the Strange Tail name into the minds of hundreds of die-hard Rock fans.”

Miss Rock Diva, Local Blog Writer

“If you want to see a sh*t hot band, go and see Strange Tail... you won't be disappointed. Great bunch of friendly guys. Thanks for an entertaining evening. Can't wait 'til your next gig!”

Fan Review

“Really liking Strange Tail. 'Runnin' For Your Love' is ace!”

Tom Daniel, Night By Night

“Last night was top stuff! These boys are great. All round great, tight sound. I was very impressed. Should be very proud of themselves! I can't wait for the next gig.”

Fan Review

“The singer even looks like a young Joe Elliott!”

Fan Review

“Epic tonight lads! Big things to happen, watch this space...”

Fan Review