StormShadow / Press

“New hotness from StormShadow… a longtime fixture on the Austin scene, and a complete beast on the bars. Dig…”

“Too many Austin hip-hop acts try to get by with watered down takes on national sounds, the scene equivalent of showing up late to a party and drinking everybody else’s beer, but StormShadow and Hanibal Beretta go their own way on “The Battlefield” and hint at a psych hip-hop sound that is uniquely ATX.”

“ The new comer in the mix is Stormshadow, whose The Sleeper Must Awaken flips and twist and is over before you have time to run for cover. At 35 minutes, a fifth of which is dedicated to the wildly diverse lead track "The Hunger," Stormshadow dishes out serious bang for your buck with the microphone assault of "Pouring Out My Heart" and "Seven Seas." Sleepers lasting impression comes via "It's You (Uni-vac Remixx)." in which Stormshadow gets down right nasty trading lines with the Superlover Shaina D. It's chaos and then its gone, like a true Texas Storm. - Chase Hoffberger”

Chase Hoffberger - Austin Chronicle