Stonecircle / Press

“Review of "Annual Winter Solstice Concert" -- "This culmination of fiddling, drums, and flutes was spellbinding. I could get lost in Stonecircle's whirling melodies, and I did that night. Auditory heaven."”

"Stonecircle has played in major venues and at major festivals throughout the United States, so we're lucky to have this professional group based here in our state."

"Here are five pieces that sound like an orchestra exploring the narrative fabric of Celtic Folk traditions in way no U.S. band has ever done before them"

John O'Regan (Music Critic, Limerick, Ireland) - Alchemy (Liner Notes)

"Stonecircle's 'Alchemy' is the resulting gem from this outstanding group, obviously an important, and as yet fairly unknown group in the American Celtic music scene..."

Dennis Stone (Los Angeles, CA) - Folkroots Magazine

"Stonecircle will let you revel in Celtic discoveries that soothe and sweeten your existence."

Carol Swanson (Wisconson, 2006) - Christmasreviews.com

"Stonecircle enchants every audience. Always a sell out. Always a standing ovation. Always a pleasure."

Cheryl Herman - Presenter - Music in the Box - Salt Lake City

"Stonecircle's music is beautiful, magical, and timeless."

Velvet Johnson - Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

"Stonecircle was awesome! They far exceeded my expectations at the Durango Celtic Festival"

Kim Stone - Durango Celtic Festival

"Stonecircle enchants crowd . . ."

Rebecca C Howard - Deseret News