Steve Cone / Press

“If itunes is your choice to purchase music? Then good news because the last 5 releases are available at itunes.”

“Whatever the elusive “it” is, Steve Cone has it. Talent, ability, charisma, songwriting talent, Steve's got it all and "Unfinished Business," his latest CD, is quality rock'n'roll from start to finish -- a fine example of excellent rock music. There are a lot of great songs on this CD but there's one in particular that stands out for me: "Death From Above: is about the constant image of war in our society. The song rocks hard and features some pretty clever lyrics as well. The more I listen to Steve Cone, the more I dig his style and appreciate what he is trying to say. His storytelling ability has a way to transport you whenever and wherever his imagination wants to take you. Well done, Steve Cone! Once again, "Unfinished Business" proves you can put out quality music album after album, year after year.”

“If you use Napster click the link below for direct access to all of my material. You can even stream a few songs for free. Everyone likes free! ”