stereosleep / Press

"The opening cut sets the tone with bright strong guitar melodies that drop down into a thick murky chorus passage. The contrasts here are fascinating."

"The band is tight and barely paused between songs. Ray would announce the title of a track and they'd jump right into it without missing a beat, so to speak."

"When I started writing songs, I realized it wasn't just that I wanted to make cool music, but that it was that I needed to say something. The rhythm, the melodies, and the lyrics are all part of a larger statement I want to make about something or other...ll these are statements about life. And I view each song as a single statement or speech or essay. That's what this music is to me."

"So with more live shows where they continue to find themselves along with thoughtful writing sessions, there is a world of potential here. And enough of it is realized at this moment, that they are well worth a look."

“ISO Hill Rock Stars. Sometimes, after a long day of doing the people’s business, a guy just wants to rock out. And for one Senate staffer, just playing a few rounds of Guitar Hero isn’t going to cut it.”

Emily Heil and Elizabeth Brotherton - Roll Call

“Once upon a time, HOH wrote about a Senate staff director who dreamed of something more, something beyond the gleaming white Dome of the Capitol. Donny Ray Williams posted an ad on Craigslist: “My job requires long hours and intense work. ... By night, I play guitar and write music.” HOH spotted the ad and wrote about it back in 2009. The embarrassed Williams admitted at the time that while he’d gotten a lot of responses, it hadn’t worked out. We promised a follow-up.”