Stephenson Rd. / Press

“Very emotional music. It hits me in the heart!... Dave Smith”

Dave Smith - Fan Comment

“STEPHENSON RD. is the way home. Excellent music! Mar 17”

Penny Town USA

“Wow. You impress me more and more. I was so happy to have you and look forward to New Year's Eve!”

“...Listening to "The Dance Of The Falling Petals" and I love it, sooo beautiful!!! Best wishes...”

Fan Comment

“Stephen Clower and C Bret Campbell booked last minute but have booked to play on December 10th. I was speechless! You really need to be here to see them next time they are here!”

“...very easy listening:) been listening to some of your songs and listeng to The Dance of the Falling Petals right now, very pretty song.”

Fan Comment