STARKZ / Press

"STARKZ Returns To Juanita's"

“One area rock band that once was courted by Atlantic Records and shared stages with Switchfoot, Staind and Three Doors Down has re-formed for more Arkansas shows and radio play.”

"Scott Stark is not even old enough to legally buy himself a beer, yet the young drummer and his band Starkz have already shared the stage with many national acts, including Staind, Drowning Pool, Trapt, Seether and Live".

"Local stars Starkz ready for stardom"

“Little Rock Band on the Rise "If you live anywhere near the Little Rock area and have never heard of Starkz, I’m sorry to inform you of this, but you live in a cave. If you have heard Starkz, you are just one of thousands who have experienced the rare gem of an amazing local band."”

“Stone’s have pushed Starkz quickly past the standard red tape and have booked them at Prestigious venues like The Riverfest Amphitheater, Clear Channel Metroplex, Juanita's. Radio shows Lick Birthday Bash, and LickFest. Starkz has also played with national acts like: Staind, Trapt, Seether, Saliva, Eve 6, Hed Pe, Revis, and Swithfoot, just to name a few.”

"Starkz shows at Juanita’s always tend to be sold-out, but the band is worth more than a casual mention this time. The band’s management tells us that Atlantic Records representatives will be at the show Friday, Nov. 4. Starkz will headline a show with Fail Safe (Tulsa), Pilots Lounge (Nashville) and Waiting for Brantley (Shreveport)."