Stampede Queen / Press

"Never Turn Your Back on Rock n' Roll" - RockNation Canadian Video of the year, 2009

Rock Nation

"Get ready to rock with Stampede Queen! They have a killer party groove that will get you on your feet. This is the kind of rock that makes listening to music fun!"

Scott Wallace - MetalHeadRadio.com

“Watching these guys perform was definitely a treat, considering that every member of the band gave it their all and actually knew how to give a great performance. With the bassist giving a whole new meaning to gettin low, as he practically dragged his bass on the stage floor bending at the knees in ways I though would be impossible, I was locked in and ready for more. When the lead singer takes a break from his vocal demonstration and shreds out some sweetness on the guitar, the crowd went nuts and I must admit, so did I.”

“I used to really miss seeing loud, obnoxious, whiskey drinking, tit squeezing rock bands like the four horseman etc….then I saw Stampede Queen. There is hope for rock and roll. ”

Danger - 99.3 The Fox

“Filled with sexual innuendos Stampede Queen are a fun, good time rock ‘n’ roll band, with tracks that are rockalicious in a down n” dirty way. Get those stomping boots on and rawk ‘n’ roll bay-bee!!! ”

BlackVelvet Magazine UK

“Stampede Queen rocks hard and adds some variety to keep things fresh. Stampede Queen is a band that more rock fans should check out, because I want them to stick around for a long time!”

“Stampede Queen comes across like a no-frills rock version of Circus Of Power with some Four Horsemen thrown in for good measure. ”