Spyder D / Press

“Longtime friend and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artist Chuck D suggested to Spyder D that he continue to record because, like himself, there is still plenty more artistry and creativity to unleash upon the public and younger generation of rappers. In this new release, Spyder D once again combines the rare ability to be a totally self contained entity by writing, producing, engineering and mixing the recording titled "Only I", a funky, low tempo head nodder that seems to frown upon artists that don't write their own lyrics or produce their own music. The usually low key music impresario seems a little agitated on this cut as he's normally not known for much profanity in his recordings. ("I been sampled by the best including DJ Hollywood & Dr. Dre You don't believe me? Better check Google Play Or Spotify, How hot am I? Beats stay on fleek/My s**t stay dope in the street"”

“Spyder D, who wrote and produced the single "I Hate Being Black", the controversial title off of his "Spyder D's Greatest Skits Vol. 1" album, said, "I am absolutely thrilled with the video scenes", and, "could not wait to see the finished product".”

"Who devised this unwritten rule, that in Hip Hop, some unseen authority dictates to the streets, this person is over with, and these new set of people are what's happening? Only in Hip Hop. A conversation with Chuck D kept me from putting myself out to pasture", recalls Spyder.

“This deal allows me to continue my crusade to help the independent artists, as I have been doing my entire career.-Spyder D”

“ABA CEO Joe Newman and I had a great discussion and we felt it was best if we took a full season to brand before playing in an official capacity.-Spyder D”

"Spyder D is great to work with and I know that new and old school HipHop fans alike are really going to enjoy his new CD release, as well as his autobiography," says La-Trenda Herring, CEO of Gift Management.

“Hip Hop’s Unsung Rap Artist has now been reborn.”

“August 18, 2010 Atlanta, Ga. For Immediate Release Pioneering Label Celebrates Renaissance With New Deal On 30th Year Anniversary Thirty years later, the label celebrates a renaissance with a new distribution deal through Thompkins Media Group, who utilizes the MRI, Sony Red distribution network. Thompkins Media Group, which is headed up by industry veteran and marketing guru TC Thompkins, has a long track record of marketing hit records, including the "Off The Wall" and "Thriller" albums by Michael Jackson. For further information, visit www.newtroitrecords.com or call 404-946-3674”

“Sparky D & Roxanne Shante Battle Again Spyder D says, "Shante and Sparky were both young, and they were very emotional. They took it personal sometimes, and I would have had pity for any other female MC at the time, that would have stepped in while they were locked in! ”

“College Park Spyders Add Excitement to the ABA Franchise by signing Phillip "Hot Sauce" Champion for the 2009-2010 Season”

“ABA TO EXPAND TO COLLEGE PARK Indianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it will add a team to College Park, GA next season. "We are extremely pleased to have Duane "Spyder" Hughes back in the ABA," said Joe Newman, ABA CEO.”

“After 40 years in the vault, material by Jimi Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters(TM) is being released. The Aleems were brought to we-R-you through the efforts of Duane "Spyder" Hughes. Spyder recognized the changing face of the entertainment business and brought the Aleems to we-R-you."”