Spewtilator / Press

“Spewtilator - Get Conjured EP - If you're uncomfortable cutting your hockey mullet, replacing your Wehrmact and Morbid Angel tapes or unwilling to play anything but your SNES then Spewtilator's latest ep might alleviate your temporal anxiety. Gloriously fun and frantic, Spewitlator are a brilliant homage to the sounds of the 80's. Quintessential thrash riffing tied together with mosh breaks and outburst blast beats offer something for everyone. Vocals shifting from nasaly shrieks to guttural belches keep up the dynamic and fast paced nature of the band. If you heard their excellent debut ep expect a bit more of a death metal influence with this one.4 songs that breeze by quick, Spewtilator find ample ways to make it attention grabbing and fun; not to mention nailing the perfect kind of production for this kind of music. ”

“Spewtilator’s new tape entitled Get Conjured is seriously one of the coolest releases. It’s composed of the following tunes: Super Ghouls N Ghosts Spacebag Zombear Grave Digger All the songs rule and are filled with gnarly riffs and super shredding solos. The first song, Super Ghouls N Ghosts gives a metal rendition of the ‘91 SNES video game. The next song on the tape brings the mysterious arrival of a party package from space. Zombear is one of Spewtilator’s older songs and depicts the story of “nature’s most brutal design”. The tape ends with Grave Digger and leaves you wanting for more. The songs fly by fast and leaves you with a hardcore thrill.”

“Spewtilator - Thrash N Splash Demo - This short demo starts things off with an homage to one of my favorite Slayer songs, Altar of Sacrifice, of course here it's a tasty Snackrifice. The production's raw as hell and feels very live, something I'm a fan of, yet the riffs and drums standout just fine, as well as the vocals (unfortunately the bass falls to the wayside). There's a very one take feel with the band and I really appreciate that. The riffs are excellent thrash riffs that jump from fast to hyper speed. Picture Slayer teaming up with Repulsion and you've got Spewtilator. From the great traded vocals much like Impaled, to the catchy thrash riffs to the hyper speed grind sections and everything in between Spewtilator kick dick. "D.O.T.D" is easily my favorite song as the riffs are menacing and catchy and the interjection of slower parts in between the midpace thrashing is awesome.”

“Spewtilator - Thrash N Splash Demo - As you probably suspected - Spewtilator plays thrashmetal, but not JUST thrashmetal, it's more thrash/grind or thrash with high shrieks/low grunts and blastbeats if you want. The concept somewhat reminds me of Exhumed to be honest, but Spewtilator is more about the thrash than the grind. Nothing all too serious either, as song titles like "Altar Of Snackrifice" and "Bong Of Death" may imply, but that doesn't mean the songs or the sound is shit, the exact opposite to be honest! The sound is pretty raw but everything is mixed nicely and all instruments are clearly recognizable, especially for a demo! So all in all a very cool release, that may appeal to both metalheads or grind...ahm...people! Ltd to 100 handnumbered copies!”

“Spewtilator - Thrash N Splash Demo - Spewtilator is a strange name... If you read it with the abstract delirium in mind, it sounds like "VOMIT VENTILATOR! The mighty ventilator that throws puke in everyone's face!"... Uh? So is the music sick? It begins in a nice splashing manner: Motivated thrash metal with appearances of short citron crushing blasts, and death grind attacks with deep vocals that make it disjoncted like old EXHUMED! This first track is short and it kicks. The following songs are less compressed and pulp splashing, it's more along a classical thrash metal manner with touches of death and death grind, yet with something quite fucked in mind (Compared to regular thrash). It still has the quite "strange" screamy vocals and deeper vox, and it's ok underground stuff, but I feel less sickness to press the fucking citron until total pulp explosion. So SPEWTILATOR has shown their abilities to exhume the pulp, let's see how they evolve in the fucked future.”