Special Agent Galactica / Press

"Galactica, a female hired assassin in a hot pink wig who travels through space and time. Oh, and she performs musical numbers at bars and clubs during her spare time."

"Special Agent Galactica’s Happy Hour Show, every other Friday at the Black Fox Lounge, is an ongoing event that will keep you on your toes. With evolving set lists and wild-card special guests, you never know what to expect. But with the skillful Black Fox Band and their colorful, capable front-queen Gallactica, you know it’s going to be good. The lady really does it all."


Washington Post

"The lady has STAYING POWER!"

Washington Blade

"SPECTACULAR! I'm an avid fan!"

Sue Palka - Fox5 News

“Intergalactic rock party!”

“Borderstan People: Jeffrey Johnson”

“Fueled by passion for performance”

“Galactica continues Black Fox run Friday”