Darlington Pair / Press

“Wavley was in this... " The roaring finale transformed a simple ascending diatonic scale into a vehicle for visceral catharsis, eliciting an approving roar from the audience" On Rhys Chatham's Crimson Grail”

“A creatively gifted band formed by gizmo genius Wavley Mark Groves, Space Program performs atmospheric soundscapes that change up in a nice way before lingering too long in the stratosphere. Birthday alert: Come out and give Groves well wishes because the show falls on his big day.”

“Bombshell Gallery has teamed with the mag (Clamor) to celebrate independent media and unique expression in general. And boy, isn't the musical accompaniment weird: Gainesville electro-experimentalists Hal McGee and Ironing, Plant City's awesomely moody Space Program”

“you get expert tinkerer, producer and Branca Orchestra alumnus Wavley Mark Groves on guitar; Nate Boyd on vocals, guitar and Rhodes Piano... Together, they harness experimentation and pleasing sounds within a solid pop framework.”