Southern Sky / Press

“We would like to proudly announce that Southern Sky's debut album "Way Down Deep" is now available on Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon. iTunes should also release the album later this week. A VERY big thank you to everyone who helped us and believed in us. We love you and hope you enjoy the final product as much as we do. God bless!”

“Hey guys, we are so excited! Here is a sneak peak of our soon to be first single "I don't want to" Let us know what you think!!!”


“We would like to announce the creation of our very first GoFundMe page! This page is intended to help us purchase new gear including a trailer, PA equipment, swag, etc. This money will also help us finish our debut album. Please check out our new GoFundMe page and thanks so much for your support! http://www.gofundme.com/southernskyalbum”

“Hey guys, the website is finally up an running! Check it out at www.southernskynation.com”

“Hey guys, make sure that you check out Jamie Weston's interview with Best In Texas Magazine at www.bestintexas.com. See you soon!!!”

The Cluttered Corner - Best in Texas Interview