Southern Fury / Press

“Southern Fury wrote new songs, recorded CD’s, played live gigs and gave their fans what they were missing for so many years… True southern rock experience. With the release of their new CD "Just Can't Stop" they have gained the attention and respect of Southern Rock fans worldwide.”

“Southern Fury is an enjoyable romp through the south. When it comes to classic southern rock, the CD is like a fine wine chased with a few shots of whiskey.”

“Combining the typical themes of classic Southern Rock with a modern and personal sound, very original and interesting, with great guitars, a powerful scratchy voice and tunes of great involvement. A great band to follow for all lovers of authentic and biting Southern Rock. "”

“Southern Fury possesses the wicked guitar licks of the southern seventies and the fury of more modern rock. While the southern flavor instantly recalls the southern rock glory days, the band turns their amplifier just a tad higher, giving their whiskey soaked rock an injection of steroids.”

“This was definitely a night for all fans of the new breed of southern rock/outlaw country! Upon arriving at the show one could tell they were in for a special evening. The large crowd was rockin' and havin' a blast from the git go! For all of you who haven't seen or heard Southern Fury I strongly suggest you check them out!”